Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy works with a wide variety of clients in many different capacities. While, one of our primary efforts has been focused on education we believe that everyone is a teacher, educator or mentor at many points during their career. A strong leader in the classroom is a role model and mentor for future generations, just like a corporate leader must be a role model and mentor for his or her employees. We are dedicated to developing leaders in all areas of the community, from firefighters and educators to business leaders and non-profit organizations.

To say that I enjoyed my learning experience at the Diamond6 workshop would be a vast understatement. I have so much information that I want to utilize the moment that I get back to work!

– Becky Weaver, Teacher
Corona-Norco U.S.D., 2010

Our ideal client is any organization that is dedicated to continual development and believes in investing in it’s employees by creating strong, reliable and confident leaders.

As of 2010 we have had over 1,000 educators, school superintendents, business leaders, lawyers, university students, and non-profit executives participate in our various leadership development programs. Through our work with leaders in education we are very proud to have had a positive impact on thousands of students, K-12 all across the United States.