Diamond6 is very proud about the wonderful feedback we’ve received from our clients. Being a successful leader is all about relationships and we work hard to create and maintain positive and valuable relationships with each and every participant. A big thank you to all our clients who have helped make Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy a success and we are grateful for their continued support in our mission to develop great leaders.

Past Participant Testimonials

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to listen to this enriching information. This will change my life to be a better person.”

– Lorena Lopez, Teacher

“This experience has been a real opportunity for me to concentrate and re-focus my vision regarding my role and my goals in eduction.”

– Lori Abbadessa, Teacher
Corona-Norco U.S.D., 2010

Jeff skillfully meshes modern day political dilemmas with 150 year old history and shows with clarity the timelessness of good leadership traits which taught me valuable leadership lessons to take back to my organization. I now clearly see the value of “collective leadership” rather than the assumption that I know best. Thanks Jeff for a powerful and valuable workshop!

– Erin Green
Director of Business, Greendale School District
2010 ASBOI President

“I would recommend Diamond6 workshops to my colleagues because of the unique background to have leadership discussions and the superb organization of the entire event.”

– Trevor Dietrich, Teacher
Corona-Norco, U.S.D.

“I have used the lesson from the Gettysburg seminar while dealing with the difficult issues that face today’s public schools. Now, more that ever, crisis leadership and the knowledge of how to deal with tough times is needed. If you are looking for a unique experience to expand your leadership skills, then you should seek out the lessons taught by Jeff McCausland.”

Denny Costerison
Executive Directory, Indiana ASBO