Leadership Development

Getting away from day to day operations is crucial in helping your organization have time and space for growth and honest assessments. Each leadership development seminar creates an opportunity to strategize and plan for managing day to day struggles, conflicts and even crisis. It is also an opportunity for a group to become a cohesive team and create a culture where participants begin to view each other as leadership resources and a “network” that can continue to share new ideas after their experience at Diamond6.

That’s why Dr. Jeffrey McCausland creates customized leadership development workshops based on the unique needs and goals of your organization. As experienced leadership development consultants, he and his faculty will work with you to design a workshop that features a range of lectures by distinguished speakers, seminars and interactive workshops to achieve the goals set by your organization. We are convinced that a customized executive leadership development offers the best way for your group to assess the appropriate lessons for them as well as suggested actions in the future.

Our leadership development seminars are divided up into four key areas:

Experiential Leadership: These seminars and workshops brings you to the exact spots where military leadership lessons were played out at Bull Run, Gettysburg and other historic sites.
Foundational Leadership: These seminars cover some of the basic elements of leadership on which we then build the remainder of the workshop.
Individual Leadership: These seminars offer fresh perspectives on leadership styles, examine new approaches and adopt management styles that match the strength of the individual leader.
Organizational Leadership: These seminars give you the tools and insights to create and implement a strategic plan, manage change successfully and establish a sustainable succession plan for your organization.

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Each area plays an important role in enabling us to build an executive leadership development workshop that addresses all areas of your organization while also incorporating a wide range of learning tools.