Leadership Seminars

Learn from the past to prepare for the future.

Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy employs a multi-faceted approach to executive leadership development. Seminars are chosen as “building blocks” towards creating an overall leadership development workshop that is more appropriate for your needs and often exceeds what’s delivered during a typical leadership training seminar.

That’s why we offer an array of seminars that covers the breadth of individual and organizational leadership development, addressing a wide range of organizational needs and goals. Conflict resolution, organizational change and executive wellness are just a few of the subject areas that enable Diamond6 to structure seminars that give each participant a well-rounded experience, one that is unique to our leadership training seminars, and rounded out with true insights from expert practitioners.

Our workshops are divided up into four key areas:

Foundational Leadership…We believe in the importance of creating a strong and reliable foundation for leadership. This is why we recommend our foundational leadership seminars at the beginning of all our workshops. The key to our approach is that we develop leaders rather than train them. It is with this approach that participants gain the groundwork upon which we build all subsequent seminars.

Individual Leadership… Diamond6 Founder Dr. Jeffrey McCausland believes that one way or another, everyone is a leader, either as a manager, role model, mentor or coach. That’s why it’s important that leaders understand leadership styles and other factors such as culture change, generational gaps, different reporting relationships, wellness and effective communication principles that shape how they interact with others. Our leadership development seminars will offer you a fresh perspective on the leadership styles you use every day, help you examine new approaches and then adopt a management style that matches your strengths. Diamond6 workshops such as Executive Wellness, for example, also help you learn how a healthier lifestyle can improve your focus on the job and your organization’s overall effectiveness.

Organizational Leadership… When it comes to running or directing organizations, strong leaders know how important it is to set the tone to ensure that everyone follows the same script and works toward the same goals. Forging this type of strategic alignment, however, requires leaders to follow sound principles that encourage creativity, innovation and emphasize good two-way communication. Unlike a routine leadership training seminar, our courses like “Leadership in 4 directions” and “Organizational Change” will help you create and implement a strategic plan, manage change successfully and create a leadership structure that ensures your organization will continue to function when the leader is not present.

Experiential Leadership… Lessons from the past often help us prepare for the future. With our faculty’s deep background and experience in the military, we excel in deconstructing important historical events like the battles of Gettysburg and Bull Run. By using lessons in leadership from these battles, we draw clear parallels between the battlefield decisions made by commanders in history and the challenges confronting modern day leaders. We then open a dialogue on how leaders can adapt, innovate and overcome adversity. Ultimately, our seminars aim to provide an inspirational and emotional experience that will leave vivid examples of how leaders can either drive or undermine success on the battlefield and in the workplace.

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After a rigorous needs assessment and dialogue with your leadership team, Diamond6 recommends and then devises a leadership development program that will have both short-term success and add long-term value for your organization. Don’t settle for routine, run-of-the-mill leadership training seminars. Call now to find out how Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy can help you!