Workshop Packages

Leadership Training Workshops

Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy workshops are designed to be transformational experiences. We build stronger teams and better individual leaders. During these events, groups and individuals take a fresh look at their individual leadership styles and learn innovative ways to improve upon them. Participants leave with proven team building strategies, effective resources and the confidence to successfully lead themselves and others.

We live in dynamic, often difficult times. Consequently, Dr. Jeffrey McCausland and other members of the faculty believe it is essential to offer leadership development seminars and workshops in a variety of approaches that meet each client’s needs. Whereas most leadership training workshops will employ the same generic approach, Diamond6 offers different styles of leadership development workshops that take into account an organization’s needs, goals, flexibility and budget.

Each package is a framework within which we create a customized experience based on your needs and goals. No matter if the workshop is being led in Carlisle, PA or Los Angeles, CA – the lessons and discussions will lead participants to recognize leadership within themselves and act upon it. This, among many other things, distinguishes Diamond6 from most leadership training workshops.

1) One Day Workshop – This is the ideal way to step away from day to day operations and have the opportunity for honest discussion and effective brainstorming. A one-day workshop can include two seminars of your choice or a full day interactive seminar. Both include time for guided reflection and discussion.

2) Multi-day Workshop – When possible, a multi-day workshop is perfect for taking full advantage of everything Diamond6 has to offer. It is also a successful means for team building and creating cohesion amongst a group. Multi-day workshops can be from 2-4 days and done on location in Carlisle, PA or a location of your choice. The workshop will include all our key areas of leadership development (experiential, individual and organizational). Unique to everyday leadership training workshops, participants are given a rare opportunity to assess leadership from many different angles and have plenty of time for reflection, discussion and planning.

3) Extended Workshop – When getting away for a few days is not an option, Diamond6 will come to you. Similar to our multi-day event, the extended workshop series includes selected seminars from our key areas but spreads them out over a period of time. This is a cost effective option that allows you more

4) Custom Workshop – Each organization’s needs, goals and budgets are unique. Diamond6 prides itself in offering custom programs that will prove to be successful no matter what. Let us know what you have in mind and how we can help create a program that is the perfect fit to achieve your organization’s needs and goals.

Successful Implementation
Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy believes in individual leadership development, not leadership training. What sets our program apart from your average leadership training workshop? We understand that one of the primary keys to development is continual reflection and assessment. Each seminar and workshop must answer the “so what” question! What did we learn and how was it valuable to us individually or organizationally? Leadership development requires continual learning, mentorship, assessment, study, reflection and growth. But learning is only half the battle. To be an effective leader you must be able to successfully implement changes in your organization! Diamond6 provides you with the guidance and support to do this.

Once you have attended a Diamond6 seminar or workshop, we don’t want all that hard work to be lost. We will also act as leadership consultants, ensuring that your organization’s leaders continue to develop. To that end, we incorporate follow-up sessions for all our clients and all our workshops include at least one follow-up meeting in person or via video conference within three months of the event.

We want to be sure that what you have gained from our workshops are effective for you and your organization. Our follow ups are designed to assess any strategies that have been implemented, manage new challenges and plan for anticipated changes in your organization.