February 24, 2015

The Clarity of Mission and Values: An Interview with James W. Davis

Are people “born leaders” or can it be developed? I definitely think leaders can be developed. I also believe that certain personality types, backgrounds and experiences impact the nature of the leader development experiences that are effective for individuals. What are the most important leadership lessons you’ve learned? Here are [...]

February 9, 2015

Confidence and Competence

I am a sports fan, and so I was excited to watch the recent Super Bowl. The game could not have been more dramatic and will likely go down in the annals of sports history as one of the most thrilling. Whenever the Super Bowl comes around, you can be [...]

January 26, 2015

‘Lead by Example’: An Interview with Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield Jr.

Are people “born leaders” or can it be developed? My observation is that leadership comes from upbringing, mentoring influences, and the demands of exigent circumstances.  Historians have wondered if Presidents Washington, Lincoln, and F.D. Roosevelt would have gained such reputation and stature had they not faced extreme challenges and overcome [...]

January 15, 2015


Strategic Vision: By definition it could be a statement articulating an approach to an organization’s future direction and basic philosophical makeup. It is an aspirational, forward-looking statement of what an organization will look like at a point in time in the future. Half a century ago this nation was experiencing [...]

November 3, 2014

You want your picture on a quarter?

There are approximately 31.5 billion quarters circulating throughout our nation’s economy at last count, give or take several million. That is a lot of exposure for the person whose face appears on the “heads side.” Wouldn’t it be nice, even gratifying if our picture was on a quarter: A personal [...]

October 22, 2014

What can corporate leaders learn from the military?

I was recently asked to give a talk by a corporate leader on this question and spent a great deal of time thinking about it. Having spent over thirty years in the US Army and commanded at several levels to include leading soldiers in combat, I hoped that I would [...]

September 30, 2014

Critical Thinking and Myanmar

Last week I travelled to Myanmar as part of a US Track 2 negotiation team to discuss weapons of mass destruction with a group of senior retired Myanmarese officers. Prior to my departure I also taught a seminar to my students on critical thinking. It was a pretty eclectic week, [...]

September 2, 2014


Failing organizations are usually over-managed and under-led. – Warren Bennis If you are a sports fan like me, you were enthralled by the performance of excellent teams during the World Cup. Everyone who follows the so-called beautiful game marveled at the teamwork exhibited on the playing field. Americans were delighted [...]

August 19, 2014

CBS News – U.S. mission to rescue refugees unlikely

On a recent episode of CBS’s “Up to the Minute” Diamond6 CEO Jeff McCausland provided some keen insights into the current problems that the Iraqi military faces, especially in light of the strengthened ISIS forces. Jeff also discussed the challenges faced by refugees and the United States governments, proffering some [...]

August 4, 2014

Leadership for What?

“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.” Eleanor Roosevelt I frequently begin leadership workshops with the following question: “how do you define leadership?” I find this an intriguing way to start a conversation as it gets a new group to begin to think about this complex [...]