Why organic isn’t everything

Organic isn’t a new idea or concept. Before World War II, all crops were organic because they weren’t sprayed with chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The USDA Organic label was put into circulation in October 2002 and has since been put on everything from bananas and tomatoes, to cereal and frozen […]

Meet the most successful president you’ve never heard of

This February is particularly important for Americans and president-want-to-be’s. First, it is the month in which we celebrate President’s Day. Second, 2016 is a presidential election year. Finally, the month begins with the all-important Iowa Caucuses and is followed by the New Hampshire Presidential Primary. So it seems only appropriate […]

Eating for Awesome Energy

Keeping blood sugar stable is not only important for someone diagnosed with diabetes, it is critical for everyone to maintain stable energy, balanced hormones, healthy weight and metabolism. During a busy day you might put off eating, thinking, “I just don’t have time to eat right now.” Eventually you become […]

The Significance of Ethics for Military and Professional Life

Ethics is of utmost importance: ask the CEO’s of leading corporations or America’s military leaders. Yet, at the same time, we might just as well dismally conclude that ethics is of no significance whatsoever! Just witness the private proclamations and even more the behavior of some of those same kinds […]

Myanmar and the whirlwind of change

If you don’t like change, you are going to like irrelevance even less… — Unknown American politician Earlier this year I had the great pleasure to visit Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). I served as a member of an American delegation, and we met with a group of senior retired […]

Get better sleep, tonight.

The National Sleep Foundation recently released new recommendations for how much sleep we need—from infants to the elderly. Some of the ranges for children and teens have changes but the standard seven to nine hours per night for adults stands firm. (To see the breakdown of recommendations by age go […]

Three Ways to Drink to Your Health

According to the USDA, the five most popular drinks consumed by Americans in 2010 were soda, coffee and tea, milk, 100 percent fruit juice and alcohol. This data is from the 2010 Dietary Guidelines, which are re-evaluated every five years. Will soda budge from its number one spot? Let’s hope so! […]

Five Foods that Fight the Flu

Some estimates state that Americans get a billion colds each year and there are over 200 viruses that can cause them. Colds can be just the sniffles or morph into pneumonia that results in a visit to the hospital. Many of us have just accepted that we will get sick […]

McCausland’s Laws: Leadership and Critical Thinking

What we think…we become.. — Buddha In my talks on leadership I frequently point out that the one thing that makes leaders different from everyone else is that THEY DECIDE! Though the effective leader wants to be open to input from as many perspectives as possible, the leader is the […]

Hurricane Katrina: Learning from a Tragedy

It is hard to believe that ten years have passed since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. I had the great pleasure to be in Crescent City this past week as the tragedy of Katrina was remembered. As I was thinking about this commemoration it occurred to […]