We are a team of experienced leaders, teachers, facilitators, and coaches who are committed to providing our clients with the best and most comprehensive leadership development programs available in the market today.

The world and the workplace are changing rapidly, increasing the need and demand for effective and strategic leaders. Developing strong leaders today safeguards future generations and organizations from becoming irrelevant in the global economy.

We develop confident and effective leaders, whose teams have the greatest impact on their community and the world.

We develop every leader and organization to their greatest potential. 


We take a unique approach to leadership development by analyzing historical events to illustrate present and future leadership challenges.

With events like the Battle of Gettysburg, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the siege at The Alamo we address modern-day leadership topics such as leadership styles, mentoring, innovation, implementing change, ethics and managing crisis. 

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) presentation, 7 Revolutions, analyzes the key policy challenges that policymakers, business figures, and other leaders will face out to the year 2035 & beyond.



Diamond6 provides customized, unique, and results-oriented leadership development in an arena of cookie-cutter coaching programs and run of the mill training workshops. Our facilitator led workshops focus on providing participants with proven strategies, effective resources, and the confidence to successfully lead themselves and others in their organization.

To help our clients achieve their leadership development goals, we approach our workshops from three key areas. This approach takes into account the organization holistically as well as the individuals who “make it all happen everyday.” The three key areas include:

  • Individual Leadership – Enhance leadership potential by encouraging participants to assess their leadership style while raising their awareness of the soft and hard skills all successful leaders need.
  • Organizational Leadership – Assist organizations in becoming more strategic in managing change, conflict, and uncertainty while still remaining focused on the vision and mission for continued growth and success.
  • Experiential Leadership – Incorporate experiences, exercises, and adult learning modalities for effective growth, development, and team-building.

We offer extensive leadership development solutions that include speaking services, workshops, online learning programs, as well as individual assessments and organizational diagnostics. 


Diamond6 was founded by U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.), Dr. Jeffrey McCausland. Inspired by his diverse leadership experiences, challenges and great leaders he has met over the years. Dr. McCausland has brought together a prestigious group of faculty members located across the country to teach all aspects of leadership and leadership development. 

We have been running leadership development workshops since 2004. Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy, LLC was established in 2010 to continue the rapid growth and success of our work.


LTC Jeff McCausland (front, center) returning his battalion from the Gulft War in 1991. Ansbach, Germany.

Diamond6 was Jeff’s radio call sign during the first Gulf War. As commander of the 3rd battalion, 17th Field Artillery, a unit of the 2nd Armored Calvary Regiment, McCausland led 750 soldiers into Iraq in the spearhead of the VII Corps attack.

Jeff believes that leading soldiers in combat was the most extraordinary and truly unforgettable leadership experience he has ever had. He named the business Diamond6 as a way to connect back to that experience, remember all the brave soldiers he worked with, and to inform and inspire his work in leadership development.

On the day of their return Jeff decided that his battalion would make a special entrance. Rather than have the bus pull into the barracks, he had his men step off the bus outside the gate. From there they marched in together to be greeted by their waiting families. It was a memorable day for everyone!