Our Approach

Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy takes a unique and innovative approach to leadership development through a methodology that is individualized, customized and dynamic. This approach takes into account the organization holistically as well as the individuals who “make it all happen.” Neither the organization nor the individual exist exclusively, says Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, founder and CEO of Diamond6. “They are interdependent as teamwork is an essential ingredient to organizational success. We seek to bring together the individual and the organization through our dynamic workshop experiences.” When you leave one of our leadership development seminars or workshops you and your group will have the tools to confidently and effectively lead your colleagues and employees so your organization can make the greatest and most enduring impact on both your community and the world.


Diamond6 believes that everyone, no matter where they may fall within an organization, is a leader who plays an instrumental role in any organization’s success. Our approach keeps the individuals of the organization top of mind. Without effective individual leaders, the organization as a whole is ineffective. Consequently, “organizational” and “individual” leadership development are important. In close consultation with our clients, we endeavor to select seminars that focus on both. By looking at culture, generation gaps, personal relationships and emphasizing health and wellness participants can also think critically about their leadership style and approach.


We understand that your organization is unique with its own set of challenges, culture, structure, stakeholders, and a variety of different leadership roles. Consequently, Diamond6 creates customized workshops geared towards YOUR organizations needs and and goals. Our workshop experiences create the opportunity for participants to re-focus their vision, re-align their goals and become newly inspired about the vital role they play within the organization. Our leadership development workshops look into the future to see how the lessons learned now will be valuable “down the road.” You will receive the tools to successfully manage day to day challenges, conflicts and possible crisis. We are convinced that this dynamic approach keeps both your organization and it’s people in mind.


Diamond6 uses a combination of lectures, inspirational speakers and experiential learning that fosters group camaraderie and enhances learning. We offer something for every style of learning and create the opportunity for the group to have a hand in creating their own experience throughout the workshops and seminars. Diamond6 workshops seek to connect the vast experience that adult learners bring to each seminar with new ideas and concepts presented by dynamic experts and practitioners.  We seek to further develop reflective learning by also creating a safe space for candid discussion, honest feedback and limitless brainstorming. This is an opportunity to create growth and innovation within the organization on the spot.