D6 March Telecall: Mentoring

For the past 8 years I’ve only worked with groups from major school districts, law firms and large companies. This has been an incredibly effective approach and I have been honored to learn from and experience some great leadership teams. It has been so successful in fact that many organizations send groups to us year after year to experience the D6 approach to leadership development.

But, all along people have asked how they can get more 1:1 leadership development with me. They found the group approach very valuable but wanted to get some hands-on coaching and feedback.

Our goal at Diamond6 is to help you make your individual and organizational visions a reality this year. That is why we are starting to host FREE bi-monthly tele-calls focused on different areas of leadership that we have found to be of most interest to you.

Our first call was in March and I talked about mentorship. We had people from all over the world join us which was a thrill and we had a very interesting discussion.

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