Has the Nature of Conflict Changed?

Dr. McCausland was recently invited to speak as part of a panel discussion at the New Security Learning in Berlin, Germany. The topic was “Future Conflict Learning” and Dr. McCausland was joined by Col. Amardeep Bhardwaj from India and Chris Donnelly, CMG from Great Britain.

Future conflicts will be less violent but more intense. A central feature will be the struggle for control of information systems and the achievement of ‘perception dominance’. A radical rethink of the nature of security-related education and training will be essential to meet the challenge. This was the verdict of three leading experts from the United States, India and Great Britain, when we asked them for their views on how conflict will develop and what the implications will be for training.

Security experts in the United States, Great Britain and India are expecting funadamental changes in security training priorities, as the world comes to terms with the nature of the new international security environment. The experts, Colonel Dr Jeffrey  McCausland of the US Army War College, Colonel Amardeep Bhardwaj of India’s Army War College and Chris Donnelly, CMG of the Institute for Statecraft and Governance, all agreed that the nature of conflict had changed completely and some radical thinking was urgently needed to deal with some of the challenges we now face.

Watch the video to hear their detailed thoughts and insights on the subject.

D6 Featured in Local Paper

Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy was featured in The Sentinel, the local paper for Carlisle, PA where we are headquartered.

This article provides a nice overview of our work and we are grateful to the journalist Jason Scott and The Sentinel for putting together this great piece.

Click here for the full article on The Sentinel website.

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