Assessments & Diagnostics



We offer a variety of insightful individual assessments and organizational diagnostics. They are powerful tools that can provide insight, self-reflection and, direction for powerful brainstorming discussions.

Any of our individual assessments or organizational diagnostics can be utilized on their own or integrated into a workshop as personal growth tools and improve the effectiveness leadership teams within an organization.  

Our team is happy to advise you on which assessments and diagnostics are most appropriate for your organization or team to achieve your specific goals. All tests are administered by certified Diamond6 faculty members and we maintain the highest professional ethical standards in the administration, interpretation and use of our assessment and diagnostic tools. 


Also called personality assessment tools, these tests are used to measure an individuals personality and behavioral style through a self-reported questionnaire. The information collected is then collated and becomes known as your “personality profile.”

Assessments are different from aptitude tests. There are no right or wrong answers and they are not timed. 

The results provide individuals with valuable insights about their personality, behaviors, their strengths and areas of improvement. This information provides leaders with the leverage they need improve their effectiveness, identify roadblocks and affect powerful change.


Diagnostic tests assess the functioning of an organization, department, or job to discover sources of problems and areas for improvement. 

It involves collecting pertinent information about current operations, analyzing the data, and drawing conclusions for potential change and improvement. This test is a collaborative process between the organizations leaders and the faculty member. 

The results provide leaders in the organization with critical information so they can be very strategic in their interventions and changes.

With a large enough collection of individual assessments, our faculty member can provide an organizational diagnosis and recommend targeted solutions and strategy for change. Individual coaching can also be arranged to assist in implementing learnings from information that has been collected. 

Our certified faculty administers the following assessment and diagnostic tools:

Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)

Everything DiSC Circular Model

DiSC Profile Assessment

UnknownCharacter Strengths from VIA Institute on Character


Campbell Leadership Descriptor from CCL



Type Indicator


Bruna-Martinuzzi-eci.jpgEmotional and Social Competence Inventory (ESCI)