Executive Wellness

Eat well, live well, work better.

Eating and living well sets the stage for a healthier, more productive lifestyle, one that also nurtures better interaction with fellow team members in a more energetic, productive and creative work environment.

As part of our holistic approach to leadership, Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, emphasizes education around health and executive wellness as a crucial factor in effective executive leadership development. In line with our executive leadership training programs, our approach to wellness focuses on three core areas: self, culture and the organization to create a holistic view of how vital workplace wellness is to organizational success.

In fact, as a leader, your health should be just as important to you as your organization, business or department. If your health is preventing you from being an effective leader, everything else will eventually fall with you. Endangering your health essentially means you are putting your company in serious jeopardy. We tell our clients…”if you aren’t making time to be healthy now, you’ll have to make time to be sick later.”

As a leader, you have a direct impact on the health of your employees and health care costs to the organization. Leaders who demonstrate that they value health set the tone for the rest of the organization, creating opportunities for healthy eating, exercise and positive interaction. This sends a message that the organization truly cares about those who work there. Studies have consistently shown that these types of changes increase employee morale and productivity while decreasing absenteeism

As a Health and Wellness Consultant, Tanya McCausland, daughter of Diamond6 Founder Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, teaches ways to improve personal health as well as unique strategies for implementing workplace and executive wellness concepts into the workplace. Her core message: better diets, sleep habits and a healthier overall lifestyle can significantly improve on-the-job performance for individuals and the entire organization.

The interactive nature of the workshop differs from any other executive leadership training program because it seeks to give participants more than just tips on how to improve their eating and living habits. They work in teams to arrive at solutions for conducting business in a healthier environment: from replacing donuts with more nutritious snacks to holding regular lunchtime walks as a way to improve teamwork and communication. Diamond6 also provides the support and resources to ensure that these changes are successful, another break from a traditional executive leadership development program.

Like all Diamond6 workshops, including our executive leadership development program, the Leader Wellness seminar seeks to help participants examine their own daily activities and empower them to make the necessary adjustments that will drive lasting change throughout their organization.

The average annual health care cost per person in the United States far exceeds $3,000, with preventable illnesses accounting for approximately 70% of the total costs of illness (PreventDisease.com)..