Military Leadership

Military Leadership and Management Training Seminars

Battle tested. The phrase is often used to describe experienced leaders who are able to thrive under pressure, succeed in the face of adversity and know when to shift tactics or order a strategic retreat.

Civilian leaders have inherently looked to lessons learned on the battlefield as signposts for adapting to the challenges of running a business or large organization. The ongoing warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq has put an even sharper focus on those challenges, making the lessons drawn from military leadership training courses even more appropriate for today.

In fact, a recent HBR issue featured a section entitled “Leadership Lessons from the Military.” Across the board, many organizations are realizing that the lessons of discipline, shared suffering and leadership by example have applications that extend to a wide range of leadership and management training seminars.

At Diamond6, we’re well equipped to translate the maxims of military leadership training into our own leadership and management training seminars. Led by Dr. Jeffrey McCausland, a retired U.S. Army Colonel, our faculty has more than 400 years of combined experience  in the U.S. military, which includes faculty positions at West Point and other military colleges.

This prism of experience helps us offer truly meaningful battlefield tours of Gettysburg, Antietam or Bull Run. And it also helps us shape courses like “Leadership in 4 directions,” “Culture Clash” and “Afghanistan at the Crossroads,” into energetic, dynamic  workshop sessions that frame past and current management and leadership challenges in ways that are relevant to your organization.

Please contact us to get more information on how we can design a workshop that draws on key military leadership development principles and enables your organization to learn from the successes – and failures – on the field of battle.

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Military leaders need new tools and techniques to face a fast-changing and unpredictable type of enemy—so the armed services train their officers in ways that build a culture of readiness and commitment. Business leaders need just such a culture to survive and succeed, given that they, too, face unprecedented uncertainty—and new types of competitors.*** HBR November 2010