The Diamond6 Leadership workshop has made a major impact on my life. I returned to work with a new perspective on leadership and a group of new friends and fellow leaders. Thank you for everything! -Sally P. 


Our workshops are designed to be transformational experiences where we focus on building better leaders and growing strong teams.

During our workshops, individuals and groups take a fresh look at their leadership styles, learn innovative ways to improve upon them and connect with each other to become an effective team within their organization.

All workshops emphasize open dialogue, brainstorming and facilitated discussion. Participants leave with proven team building strategies, effective resources and the confidence to successfully lead themselves and others.


Most leadership training workshops will employ the same generic approach, no matter what your organization does, or who the participants who are.

Leadership development is not one size, fits all.

We offer different frameworks for our leadership development workshops that take into account your organization’s needs, goals, flexibility and budget. Our extensive list of seminar topics lets you fully customize what you want to address within your workshop – from ethics to mentoring and everything in between. 


Our leadership workshops can be conducted over 1-4 days – depending on your time, budget and how in-depth of a program you want to create.  

These on-site workshops are run exactly where the historic event took place. Participants visit key locations – walking and standing exactly where the historic events occurred, learning about crucial leadership decisions that were made and participating in active group discussions.

This framework allows you to augment your workshop with additional seminars taught by Diamond6 faculty members. In this way you can delve deeper into specific leadership challenges and brainstorm solutions right away. 


Should travel not be an option, we can bring history and leadership to you!

Our On The Road Workshops virtually examine historic events and leadership in a classroom setting. These workshops are typically run over one full day and can be extended by adding additional seminar topics. 

Gettysburg On the Road

The Battle of Gettysburg was the largest battle ever fought on the North American continent and was full of tremendous leadership decisions. This workshop focuses on three essential keys to leadership – adapt, innovate, and overcome. 

Pearl Harbor On the Road

The Attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point in the history of the nation. This workshop examines one of the most important and intense “leadership laboratories” in the history of modern warfare, focusing on leading in a crisis, critical thinking, and organizational culture.


Online learning via webinars is a cost-effective option to still access the knowledge and expertise of our faculty without taking too much time from day-to-day operations. Plus, you are able to virtually bring together individuals who may work in different regions or offices. 

All of our seminar topics can be delivered as a single webinar event or put together for a comprehensive multi-part series. 

We provide all content for the webinar(s) as well as the recording so participants can review the content again. We also offer marketing support and strategic follow up with participants to increase attendance and engagement in the content.  


We understand that one of the primary keys to development is continual reflection and assessment. Once you have attended a Diamond6 seminar or workshop, we don’t want all that hard work to be lost.

To that end, we incorporate a follow-up session with all our workshops. This meeting is held in person or via video conference.

Our follow ups are designed to assess any strategies that have been implemented, manage new challenges and plan for anticipated changes in your organization.

We will also act as leadership consultants, ensuring that your organization’s leaders continue to develop. We want to be sure that what you have gained from our workshops are effective for you and your organization!